Isotonic drinks

During the years, healthy and varied diet become more important. As a result, food companies are more attention on the production of products with the right composition.

Making functional products is a good option for this. These products contain one or more components in the right amount can have positive effects of the vital functions.  Product where the amount of one or more components is reduced or increased – than the average content – is also considered a functional food. For this reason, we can classify eg. soft drinks with high vitamin content and butter with reduced fat in this group too.

The most popular of the functional drinks are soft drinks, mainly for the athletes. They contain ingredients that the product traditionally not, eg. amino acids, vitamins, minerals, or extracts with energizing effects. Drinking enough fluids is extremly important, because serious health problems can arise because of lack of fluid. During the sport, when more heat is release in the human body, our body is sweat. As a result, we lose not only a lot of liquid, but also minerals. If the mineral salts found in body fluids – also called electrolytes – are not in the consumed water, the electrolyte balance can be upset, and people who are doing any sports can feel muscle spasm, fatigue, not by the way reducing of sport performance. The easiest way to compensate them is to consume isotonic drink made by specially for this reason.

The main goal of an isotonic drink is to assure a high level of rehydration and return minerals to the body. These drinks include electrolytes, for example sodium, chlorine, potassium, magnesium and also contains sugar, what is a fast-absorbing carbonhydrate, for this continuously compensate energy in the body.

It is especially recommended for competitive athletes and people doing strong physical activities. It is not recommended for diets and less strong physical activities.

Our product range is adapted to the customer needs, so we are also available for the vitamins and minerals needed for isotonic drinks.

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Flavor suggestions:

  • red grape – raspberry
  • cranberry – acerola cherry
  • berry mix
  • prickly pear
  • orange – tangerine
  • lemon – grapefruit