Ingredients for the BEAUTY

Nowadays, different food supplements – with a possitive effect on beauty – has become more popular, mostly among women. It can consumed in tablet,powder or liquid form, these product has lots of positive effect  to the human body.

Collagen is the most occurring protein in the human body. This is a long chain amino acid, which is building the structure of skin and cartilage. There are 25 different types of collagen. It has a lot of possitive effect for the human body. In the case of the skin delay the wrinkles, thereby keeping it flexible, starch and hydrated, make stronger the structure of nail and hair and the mucle growth. It also preserves flexibility and structure in the structure of cartilage and bones, therefore reducing the risks of cartilage wear and osteoporosis. The Nutrient Reference Value is depends of the taking goals and forms. Daily intakes for adults is between 2,5-15 gram is safety and favourable.1

Hyaluronic acid is a natrally occurring organic compound. It found in the skin, eyes, joints and tissues. Its structure is a glycosaminoglycan. There are several ways to use it, you can consume it internally or even use it externally. The Nutrient Reference Value is depends the age, taking 50 mg to youngers is sufficient, but the elderly can take 100 mg per day without harmful effects.2

Zinc and selenium are minerals, which are so important. Zinc is a micronutrient, but it is part of many metabolic processes. It helps for the strength immunsystem, and plays a catalytic role in the functioning of several enzymes. It regulates the process of hormone synthesis, therefore indirectly influencing the proper functioning of the hormone system. When used in sufficient amounts, zinc contributes to maintaining the normal condition of hair, nails and skin. The Nutrient Reference Value is 10 mg for adults.3 It is not recommend to overdose, because it is a negative effect for the cholesterol level.

The most important role of selenium comes from its antioxidant properties, thanks to which it can reduce oxidative stress and protect cell membranes. Reduced selenium intake in children can cause growth retardation. Selenium also plays a role in the functioning of the thyroid gland, so a lack of selenium can manifest itself in the form of hypothyroidism or, in many people, just as fatigue. When used in significant amounts, selenium contributes to maintaining the normal condition of hair and nails. The Nutrient Reference Value is 55µg for adults.3

In addition to cosmetic products, the food industry offers more product – which contain these compounds – in the form of various drinks, powders and gels.

These raw materials can be found in our product range. If you need any further informations, feel free to contact us!


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