About us

Our company – established in 1993 – is a fully Hungarian-owned family enterprise. Our main activity is the trade in aromas and additives for the food processing industry. Besides, we also develop food and beverage products. The latter activity has been gaining more and more significance lately. We pass our innovative food and drink development ideas to food and beverage producers, which –in turn-- helps us increase the number of our partners every year; and a faith-based relationship evolves ensuring long-term success. We would not like to present our set of values by being selective towards our customers based on the size of their orders; but by showing our greatest appreciation for all our customers regardless of their sizes.

Our staff do their best to convince our current and future partners to turn to us with confidence. Do test our expertise and readiness to help.


Quality, quality policy

  • At FERMENTA Kft. we consider it our duty to perfectly match the value of the products and services that we distribute to our customers and all their customers which is based on mutual goals and trust to achieve them.
  • The company – fully subordinates its entire activities to achive the objectives above - strives for long-term successful operation which is based on the continuous development of the MSZ EN ISO 9001:2015 standard quality management system.
  • Our company provides all the resources that are needed to achive the goal set in the quality policy statement, to comply with regulations and laws, to keep our collegaues well-trained and to continuously improve the quality management system.
  • Our certificates in PDF format: hungarian, english

Product development

What we are developing:

  • developing new products that are unknown even in the international markets
  • developing new products that are unknown in the domestic market
  • expanding current portfolio
  • modernization of existing products, complience with new regulations and expectations
  • improving the economy of existing product and adapting it to the new technology

The way we are developing:

  • we are developing by your own ideas
  • we serv the idea itself
  • we are working together from the phase of planning to the phase of the prototype
  • we help to prepare the specification and label draft of the product

What we provide during development:

  • knowledge of domestic and international markets
  • we have decades of experience
  • we have professional and laboratory background
  • trained and qualified colleagues

Trending products


Sucralose is one of the few artificial sweeteners that were developed on purpose. In the ‘family of sweeteners’ it is one of the latest ‘member’.


Green coffee bean extracts

Lots of health-conscious people still doubt the positive physiological effects of coffee. The general presumption that coffee is addictive and/or it negatively stimulates the body has been rendered baseless by dependable scientific findings.



Stevia is the scientific designation of a plant species consisting of 200 subspecies indigenous to America. Its name originates from STEVIA REBAUDUIANA – a special medical herb, which in other languages is known as a honey-tasting medical herb or sweet leaf.