Black Carrot Juice Concentrate

Nowadays, consumers are becoming more and more aware of their consumption. Therefore the manufacturers have to adapt.

As a result of this, we also extended our portfolio and we take immense pleasure to introduce you our Black Carrot Juice Concentrate, which is a E-number free coloring food.

It is stable to light, heat treatment and in acidic media (3 – 4 pH), hence it is the perfect solution to colour your products.

It is widely used but most common areas are different kind of fruit juices, beverages, confectionary and ice creams.

Our black carrot juice concentrate can be purchased in different packages (20 – 250 kg aseptic drum), and different shades (from red to purple).

If you should have any questionm, pelase do not hesitate to contact any of our colleagues. Contacts can be found on the right side.