Gamer Drink


A new area of sports has begun and it is getting more attention day by day. After the release of the first video game, we did not have to wait long for the people to see more opportunities in it and organize competitions. The first competition was held in the USA in 1972 at Stanford University in California. A few years later some bigger companies stepped into the line and organized their own competitions. The interest in E-sport can be seen by the rising amount of active players which went from 34 to 25.004 over 20 years (1998-2019). Also the prize is increased by the same time from 0,13 million dollar to 224,14 million dollar. There was a competition in 2019 where the overall prize was over 34 million dollar.

Seeing the internation success, Hungary has joined the map of E-sport. As a result, several thematic bars and in 2019 the country’s first arena were opened.

In addition to the players, the size of the audience was and still growing. In 2019 the number of active spectators has reacher almost 500 million. Worldwide this number increase 15% per year.

As a result, there is a growing demand for functional drinks particularly developed for gamers. Gamers need high focus, fast reactions and long periods of concentration with the relevant health and brain food or vitamins. The aim is to develop a booster for Gamers – The Gamer Drink.

Our company provides the right ingredients for this. They contain sufficent amount of provitamin A that contributes to the maintenance of normal vision, according to RG (EC) No 1924/2006, which is especially important for Gamers. Additionally, we added vitamin D and Lutein as functional substances.